Are you a good fit for VITAL?

With VITAL, you can step into the forefront of tomorrow's patient care solutions.

Are you the right fit for the VITAL test-​and-​learn process?

Innovators - test - learn

Does your product or idea support one of our focus areas?

Cardiology, oncology, women’s services, chronic condi­tions such as COPD and diabetes, person­al­ized medi­cine, and clin­ical trans­for­ma­tion

Is your product or idea commercially available?

If you already have commer­cial approval for your medical solu­tion, but seek wide­spread adop­tion by the medical commu­nity, VITAL can help.

Do you need real-​world evidence to speed up market adoption?

Clinicians and health plans need to have confi­dence in your solu­tion before they will accept it as a new care stan­dard. VITAL can help you gather the evidence you need to show how it improves patient care. And we collab­o­rate with doctors who run tests with real patients.

Process & Offerings


Solutions discovery

Tell us about your product or idea. Submit a summary of your project via email, including a problem description, value proposition, proposed solution, timeline, and budget.

Evaluation criteria
  • Competitive land­scape
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic oppor­tu­nity
  • Member popu­la­tion impacted
  • Potential utiliza­tion
  • PMPM medical and RX cost impact esti­mates

Accepted to proceed


Test design

Companies accepted into the VITAL process will work closely with us to design the test process, while VITAL performs a rigorous opportunity assessment.

What you get from VITAL
  • Data oppor­tu­nity sizing assess­ment
  • Compliance veri­fi­ca­tion
  • Enterprise value assess­ment
  • Competitive land­scape
  • Market level assess­ment (MLA)

Board approves test


Evidence delivery

VITAL orchestrates testing and delivers comprehensive clinical, cost, and experience data.

What you get from VITAL
  • Test design
  • Statistical and data analysis plan
  • Implementation play­book
  • Clinical, cost, and patient expe­ri­ence outcomes report
  • Insights and inter­pre­ta­tions


Torax Medical and physi­cian thought leaders have collab­o­rated … building a strong scien­tific foun­da­tion of evidence to support the safety and effi­cacy of the LINX proce­dure. GERD patients who do not respond to medical ther­a­pies can create a tremen­dous cost burden on a health care system and are often at higher risks for compli­ca­tions resulting from not fully treating their disease.”

Todd Berg

President and CEO of Torax Medical

We are very excited to see such lasting results from a 1-​month, drug-​free treat­ment that can dramat­i­cally improve the quality of life for our patients and reduce total medical costs. It was also very promising to see high ther­a­pist and patient satis­fac­tion and 85 percent patient adher­ence, confirming that using Freespira® as a first line treat­ment for panic disorder and panic attacks makes good sense clin­i­cally and finan­cially.”

Anthony P. Mannarino

PhD, Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Allegheny General Hospital

In the begin­ning, when I heard about HeartFlow®, I wanted to talk to my divi­sion chief, Dr. Srinivas Murali, about exploring it. But then I heard that Highmark Health and VITAL were already talking to HeartFlow®, which is a company from California. They needed a physi­cian cham­pion to put HeartFlow® to the test, and I expressed interest.”

Moneal Shah

Co-director of Cardiovascular MRI, Allegheny Health Network