Broadening patient coverage based on informed decisions.

Let VITAL help your health plan make informed decisions based on our test-and-learn scenarios, so you can transform the future of health care.

Ways for a health plans to engage with VITAL

There are many dif­fer­ent ways for eligible health plans to work with the VITAL pro­gram. Bring a health care solu­tion to VITAL for test­ing or sign up for updates on new tests. You can be the first to know when we’ve gath­ered the right data to sup­port inno­va­tion. Con­tact us to start the con­ver­sa­tion.

Advance clin­ical capa­bil­i­ties devel­op­ment

Fast-​track solu­tions for adop­tion

Guide appli­ca­tion review, test design, and program direc­tion

Gain evidence to drive adop­tion of strategic capa­bil­i­ties

Do you have a tech­nology partner to refer to VITAL for testing?

  • Advance clinical capabilities development
  • Fast-track solutions for adoption
  • Guide application review, test design, and program direction

Would you like to get access to the single test results?

  • Advance clinical capabilities development
  • Fast-track solutions for adoption

Would you like to subscribe to all future test data?

  • Advance clinical capabilities development
  • Fast-track solutions for adoption
  • Gain evidence to drive adoption of strategic capabilities

Process & Offerings


Solutions discovery

Tell us about your product or idea. Submit a summary of your project via email, including a problem description, value proposition, proposed solution, timeline, and budget.

  • Commercially avail­able, high-​potential solu­tions with funding for testing undergo eval­u­a­tion review for accep­tance in VITAL program
  • Solutions under eval­u­a­tion are scored with viability, feasi­bility, and desir­ability ratings
  • Evaluation starts with sizing the popu­la­tion affected and modeling the solu­tion impacts for targeted patients across the health system and health plan

Accepted to proceed


Test design

Companies accepted into the VITAL process will work closely with us to design the test process, while VITAL performs a rigorous opportunity assessment.

  • VITAL team and clin­ical leaders prepare test design and execute the test-​and-​learn in real-​world deploy­ment
  • Test design devel­oped in collab­o­ra­tion with AHN’s research insti­tute and provider system
  • Test design includes devel­oping statis­tical analysis plan and imple­men­ta­tion play­book
  • Tailor studies to produce rele­vant clin­ical and cost effec­tive­ness evidence that can inform plan medical poli­cies

Board approves test


Evidence delivery

VITAL orchestrates testing and delivers comprehensive clinical, cost, and experience data.

  • Measure key perfor­mance indi­ca­tors and outcomes
  • Clinical, cost, and patient expe­ri­ence evidence gener­ated
  • Understand impact of new inter­ven­tions to inform clin­ical trans­for­ma­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties


Torax Medical and physi­cian thought leaders have collab­o­rated … building a strong scien­tific foun­da­tion of evidence to support the safety and effi­cacy of the LINX proce­dure. GERD patients who do not respond to medical ther­a­pies can create a tremen­dous cost burden on a health care system and are often at higher risks for compli­ca­tions resulting from not fully treating their disease.”

Todd Berg

President and CEO of Torax Medical

We are very excited to see such lasting results from a 1-​month, drug-​free treat­ment that can dramat­i­cally improve the quality of life for our patients and reduce total medical costs. It was also very promising to see high ther­a­pist and patient satis­fac­tion and 85 percent patient adher­ence, confirming that using Freespira® as a first line treat­ment for panic disorder and panic attacks makes good sense clin­i­cally and finan­cially.”

Anthony P. Mannarino

PhD, Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Allegheny General Hospital

In the begin­ning, when I heard about HeartFlow®, I wanted to talk to my divi­sion chief, Dr. Srinivas Murali, about exploring it. But then I heard that Highmark Health and VITAL were already talking to HeartFlow®, which is a company from California. They needed a physi­cian cham­pion to put HeartFlow® to the test, and I expressed interest.”

Moneal Shah

Co-director of Cardiovascular MRI, Allegheny Health Network