Highmark Health’s VITAL Innovation Program testing benefits of innovations from Sensible Medical related to measurement of lung fluid in patients with congestive heart failure

The VITAL program is testing Sensible Medical’s ReDS Fluid Monitoring System through July of 2019 among 100 patients with recent conges­tive heart failure admis­sions who are being discharged from an Allegheny Health Network hospital to a skilled nursing facility. The ReDS system features a nonin­va­sive vest” that within 90 seconds can supple­ment the stetho­scope by using radio frequency tech­nology to provide an objec­tive measure of conges­tion in the lungs related to pulmonary edema. If threshold levels of fluids exist, patients would remain in the nursing facility for further treat­ment until discharge levels are met. Using the ReDS system has the poten­tial to reduce prema­ture patient discharges that can result in emer­gency rooms episodes and costly hospital read­mis­sions.

Sensible Medical’s ReDSTM Fluid Monitoring Device System

Spearheading the Sensible Medical ReDS test is lead inves­ti­gator Dr. Srinivas Murali of Allegheny Health Network’s Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.