Allegheny General Hospital doctors tackle artery disease with innovative technology

May 23rd, 2016

Cardiovascular surgeons at Allegheny General Hospital have become the region’s first to use a new tech­nology that provides relief for patients with periph­eral artery disease.…

Pittsburgh Business Times

New device gives doctors better insight into leg artery blockages

May 16th, 2016

Allegheny General Hospital surgeons are using a newly approved medical device to clear block­ages in leg arteries as part of a program to speed tech­no­log­ical devel­op­ments to clin­ical use.…

Trib Live

Re-Learning to Breathe with Freespira Can Ease Panic Symptoms

April 6th, 2016

People with panic disorder breathe differ­ently all the time, not only when they’re having an attack. The Freespira Breathing System retrains them to breathe more deeply and at a slower rate.…

Highmark Health Blog

LINX device ends acid reflux and the need for heartburn meds

March 22nd, 2016

The problem was, the proton pump inhibitors he’d used for 15 years no longer were extin­guishing the fire in his throat. My heart­burn was so bad I had to sleep on an elevated pillow but it would burn my esoph­agus and I would eat ice cream to try to cool it down. But it didn’t work,” said Ron Petrie, 67, of Chartiers Township, Washington County. His daughter, Jodi Lech, 41, also of Chartiers and director of oncology phar­macy in the Allegheny Health Network, also had been using the drugs for a decade. But she learned from her colleague, Blair Jobe, director of the health network’s Esophageal and Lung Institute, about the LINX Reflux Management System produced by Torax Medical Inc. of St. Paul, Minn.…

By David Templeton / Pittsburgh Post-​Gazette

A New Way to Banish Panic Attacks

March 7th, 2016

Sweaty palms, spin­ning head, racing heart and blocked lungs. That’s how someone having a panic, or anxiety attack, describes the sudden, intense changes they go through. But now, a new device is training patients to breathe better and banish panic attacks. In order to treat the phys­ical symp­toms, we talk about relax­ation and we’ve taught the patients how to do deep abdom­inal breathing,” said Alicia Kaplan, MD, psychi­a­trist, Allegheny Health Network, Pittsburgh. Dr. Kaplan also added a new treat­ment tool called the frees­pira breathing system. Patients wear a cannula that is attached to a tablet. They follow a program to measure their breathing. Patients breathe in when they hear a tone go up and exhale when the tone goes down. They can follow their respi­ra­tory rate and their CO2 level,” Kaplan said. In a recent trial of the frees­pira device, 98 percent of the patients reported a reduc­tion in panic attacks and 64 percent were free from episodes after the treat­ment. The device is not covered by all insur­ance compa­nies.…


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