Digital Health Trends Show a Promising Future

September 14th, 2018

This year’s Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision touches on trends that aligned with Highmark Health’s mission to deliver value-​based care. As an inte­grated delivery and financing system,we have an outstanding oppor­tu­nity to take advan­tage of tech­nology trends and test them out to see if they can deliver value to our patients and part­ners. We test cutting-​edge health­care solu­tions through the Highmark Health VITAL Innovation Platform through which we partner with inno­va­tors to test, learn and under­stand the effi­cacy of tech­nolo­gies and think about how we can inte­grate them in our core busi­ness.

Biocept Bets on Oncology Testing

September 12th, 2018

Biocept has said that Highmark Health is testing its liquid biopsy” plat­form designed to help oncol­o­gists improve the diag­nosis and treat­ment of patients with non-​small cell lung cancer. The goals are to improve health outcomes by using liquid biopsy to more rapidly assess a patient’s mole­c­ular status and select an appro­priate therapy, while also reducing the overall cost of care. Highmark Health is the second-​largest US inte­grated delivery and financing system. Their VITAL Innovation Platform focuses on real-​world testing of early-​stage health inno­va­tions, producing evidence related to patient expe­ri­ence, and care and cost outcomes. More than 100 patients of Highmark Health-​affiliated Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute in Pittsburgh will partic­i­pate.

How Highmark Health uses deep learning, 3D tech to cut unnecessary angiograms

August 20th, 2018

The health system deploys inno­v­a­tive FDA-​approved tech­nolo­gies, enabling physi­cians to use AI algo­rithms to assess 3D models of the heart

Highmark Health Evaluating Utility of YouScript Medication Prescribing Software

June 7th, 2018

Highmark Health announced today that it has agreed to eval­uate the utility of YouScript’s Precision Prescribing Software, which is designed for safer, more targeted prescribing of medica­tions for patients taking multiple drugs. The eval­u­a­tion will be conducted through Highmark’s VITAL Innovation Platform, a test-​and-​learn plat­form that facil­i­tates real-​world testing of early-​stage medical inno­va­tions to produce evidence related to patient expe­ri­ence, and clin­ical and finan­cial outcomes, Highmark said.…


2018 Digital Health Tech Vision

May 24th, 2018

The world has reached a point where tech­nology is deeply embedded in our lives — and the lines between busi­ness and personal are blurred more than ever. Healthcare orga­ni­za­tions are increas­ingly unleashing the power of intel­li­gent tech­nolo­gies, using them to deliver person­al­ized, effi­cient and informed care. However, with such inno­va­tion comes respon­si­bility. For people to get the full bene­fits of digi­tally enabled health­care services, providers and health plans must prior­i­tize trust and respon­si­bility.

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