Innovation Is VITAL.

Our vision for transformation

At VITAL, we’re driven to iden­tify and bring the best health inno­va­tions to our customers and ensure we are a next-​generation leader in trans­forming care.

The VITAL test-​and-​learn engine

Solving Unmet Needs

Improve Go-​to Market speed by lever­aging claims-​level and clin­ical outcomes in an accel­er­ated real-​world test envi­ron­ment, producing evidence for commer­cial prod­ucts.

Confirms viability

VITAL studies generate evidence that can lead to reduced medical spend, improved quality outcomes, and enhanced patient access to new tech­nolo­gies.

Integrating work

By connecting tech­nology leaders to an inte­grated clin­i­cian network and target popu­la­tions, VITAL’s unique posi­tion offers access to claims data, clin­ical outcomes, and cost analytics partic­i­pating members in the largest com­mer­cial health plan in Penn­syl­va­nia.

VITAL is an innovation platform that identifies best-in-class solutions, connects health care innovators to facilitate product testing, by generating evidence, and influencing market adoption.

Driving the future of health care

VITAL is a Highmark Health-​funded program. Highmark Health is a leading national health and well­ness orga­ni­za­tion and the second largest inte­grated delivery and financing system (IDFS) in the U.S., by revenue.

Why VITAL is Unique
Why VITAL is Unique

VITAL matches you with the right collab­o­ra­tors who can get you evidence faster.

Good solu­tions often get delayed because they lack the evi­dence to back them up. VITAL creates a path forward by guiding medical solu­tions through nec­es­sary steps towards gain­ing wide­spread market adop­tion.

Frag­mented paths to market

Get­ting new ideas in front of doc­tors and health insur­ers is still overly com­plex.

Prioritizing simplicity

We match tech­nology leaders and top clin­i­cians who have influ­ence over health care and cov­erage. Once you make contact with us and your project gets approved, we can arrange a real-​world test of a product or idea. This typi­cally happens within three months.

No coordination

Gath­er­ing all of the data and evi­dence nec­es­sary to sup­port inno­va­tion is incon­sis­tent and lacks coor­di­na­tion.

Seamless integration

We are uniquely suited to bring together:

  • Doctors
  • Research insti­tute
  • Carefully targeted patient popu­la­tions
  • Advanced claim infor­ma­tion, clin­ical data, and cost analytics from eligible members that partic­i­pate in the program from the largest commer­cial health plan in Pennsylvania.
Lack of infor­ma­tion

Solution adop­tion deci­sions lack expe­ri­ence data — from both patients and clin­i­cians.

Data that makes a difference

We iden­tify projects that are predicted to meet or exceed industry stan­dards. And we help gather real-​world care quality, cost, and expe­ri­ence data to support them.

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Why was the VITAL program created?

Highmark Health designed the VITAL program to provide creative care delivery solu­tions for physi­cians in a highly compet­i­tive western Pennsylvania market. Since its launch in 2015, the VITAL program has been fostering collab­o­ra­tion to advance inno­va­tion:

  • Clinicians are rewarded for proposing ideas and funding to solve key issues.
  • Eligible members of a Pennsylvania health plan gain earlier access to promising new treat­ment options with proven outcomes.
  • The Pennsylvania health plan gains medical policy effi­cien­cies and cost savings as new care solu­tions are adopted.

How long are VITAL tests?

The typical eval­u­a­tion processes takes 6 – 18 months, depending on the quality of evidence avail­able for review prior to test launch. The VITAL team eval­u­ates new solu­tions and conducts tests in parallel as capacity allows.

What types of solutions are tested?

The VITAL team eval­u­ates health care tech­nolo­gies, labs, and/​or processes that are commer­cially avail­able and have received FDA approval — or other certi­fi­ca­tion equiv­a­lents (e.g., CLIA certi­fi­ca­tion for labs) — but have not yet received coverage under most health plan medical poli­cies. We prior­i­tize candi­dates based on how a company’s needs match with our capa­bil­i­ties. We currently do not test phar­ma­ceu­tical ther­a­pies.

What is the size of the member population available for VITAL studies?

VITAL tests cur­rently draw on data from more than 5 million health plan members.

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VITAL develops the evidence that is needed to support new innovations. The process is focused and built to achieve results quickly. Our team is experienced and passionate about producing results.

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