Test. Learn. Transform Care.

Unless accel­er­ated, impor­tant new FDA-​approved health care inno­va­tions can idle, awaiting the evidence needed to gain adop­tion and market­place access that can change the course of a patient’s diag­nosis, or life.

VITAL is the solu­tion: a test-​and-​learn plat­form that can help propel new health solu­tions into the market­place by providing the ideal envi­ron­ment for producing evidence.


Clinical Improvement

Freespira® patients were 80% panic-​attack free during the VITAL test.
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Cost Savings

58% cost savings (6 months post HeartFlow® inter­ven­tion).
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Patient Satisfaction

LINX® patients quality of life satis­fac­tion increased from 8% to 92%.
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Who Works With Vital?

The VITAL model centers on collaboration. Each contributor plays an important role. Together, we create solutions that improve each aspect of the patient care journey.